College Management System

All colleges often require information about student and an application to do other college work.

A web application makes this task of colleges very easy. Colleges in the web application can not only keep the book according to their own, but can also distribute the information of their college to the common user.

To overcome these problems of collages, our company provides the following features in the web application that we create for you.

Student Management

In this segment, you can manage the student admission, fee, classes, results, examinations, attendance etc. you can also add student with classes.

Class Management

Here you can create class where many student can attend the faculty on particular course.

Course Management

In this module, you can create new course, or edit/delete any existing courses. You also can add syllabus for the course.

Exam Management

In this module, faculty can create exam and assign to students. Student can attempt for these exams and get the marks/grades. The result will be stored in a student exam history.

Faculty Management

In this module, you can create new faculty, edit/delete any existing faculty. Add faculty with any course or multiple courses. Add faculty to classes. You can also take attendance of faculty here. Also you can manage payroll for faculty.

User Management

In this module, you can manage users. Users can be anyone like Principal, Faculty, Staff or Student etc.

Staff Management

In this module you can register normal staff (not faculty). You can take attendance or manage their payroll also.

Library Management

In this module you can create online library. Where you can add books (you have to create books by entering book’s information). You can assign books to student or room (where book can be stored).


In reports module, you can get all reports of each and every module. Also you can get the information that how much admission took place in any past period or which student has not given the fee on time, or which student has not returned the library book back etc.

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