CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM helps any company to have a good relationship with its customers. In CRM, we can save the customer’s data, as well as keep records of every conversion done with the customer. In future, this data can be very important for us when we make company plans. Due to a thorough track of all the customers, we can also increase our sales to a large extent.

When we call a customer, in our CRM we can also keep a record of the customer’s data, such as name, address, company name, email etc. After this, whenever we contact again with the customer, we can also keep a record of the details of that contact like date, time, conversation etc.

After talking to the customer, we can also write the time of the next schedule meeting/calling. CRM will automatically notify us for that meeting/calling.

In we create CRM with the following features:

Contact Management

Contact management feature in CRM helps in maintaining the data received by the company from cold calling, email marketing, Google marketing or Facebook marketing. This gives us a chance to interact with more and more clients. At the same time, you can also maintain records of old clients here so that you can easily keep in touch with the old clients too.

Deal Management

With the help of this feature of CRM, we can maintain the record of all the deals done with the client. This gives us complete information about the deal done by our client in the future and at the same time we can easily make new schemes or offers of the company based on that information.

Email Management

With this feature, we can manage all the chatting and schedules on the email with the client.

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