What is an ecommerce website? Telling anyone in today’s world will not increase their information. Everyone has heard about big ecommerce companies like Amazon or Flipkart and most of them have also shopped from these websites.

If you also have any product or some products also a huge list of products, that you want to sell online, then the ecommerce website development service of SpreadMyBusiness.com can help you in this.

In SpreadMyBusiness.com, we use following technologies to create an ecommerce website for our customers:

  • Opencart
  • WooCommerce (WordPress)
  • Custom Ecommerce with Laravel Framework

Opencart is a CMS, that is built to create only ecommerce website for professional online stores. You can read about Opencart by clicking in this link.

If you not only want to sell stuff in your website but also want to create blog pages in it for good SEO, then WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin can be a great option for you. Even in OpenCart, you can create blog pages, but they do not have the flexibility like WordPress.

If you want to build a fully customized ecommerce website, then we can build it for you on Laravel framework that is built on PHP. Although in WooCommerce and OpenCart, you can add many features to your website later with the help of plugins or extensions, but there are some restrictions. The design or functionality is already defined in the plugin or extension, so that we cannot customize most plugins or extensions as per our own requirement. In this scenario a custom ecommerce website will be the best option for you.

The ecommerce website we create is not only completely responsive but also fully optimized for SEO.

If you already have an ecommerce website but you are not getting benefit from it, we can help you. We can optimize your website by removing all the deficiencies related to design or development in your already built website. And at the same time, with the online marketing, we can take your website to the people and bring people to your website. Then we create a list of visitors email so that you can mail these people later for your product and offers. With this approach, you can see the sales of your website in days. For more details, you can check our SEO and Digital marketing for ecommerce website‘s page.

For more information related to Ecommerce Website Development Service, you can mail us at this email address or you can also send your query directly to us by clicking on this link.

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