Student Management System

The Student Management System itself is also called Student Information System. If you have your own institute, school or college, then you will know how difficult it can be to maintain a student record. There is a lot of work that we have to do, such as report about admissions of students, report of student’s fees, report of student’s attendance. For this, most schools or colleges have their own website or software. In the website or software, we just have to enter basic information of the student on a regular basis and based on that information, the website or software generates all the reports on its own.

We at build a web application of Student Management System for our clients. In this web application we make many features for our clients.

Students Basic Details

We use this panel to insert basic details of the student. In this panel, student’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, address, contact number etc. are saved. Every time a new student takes admission, his information is filled on this panel.


If a school or college wants to take the student’s online exam, we make this examination panel where the student can login and give the exam prepared by the teacher. Student can know the marks of his examination at the same time if you wish, you can store the answer sheet of the student, which the teacher can check later and give the marks to student.

Exam result

Once the student gives his exam, the result can come on this panel. To check his marks, student has to login to result panel. Apart from whole login process, you can also provide a system where student just enter his/her roll number and get the marks.


In this web application we also make an attendance panel. On this panel, the teacher can login and take the attendance of every child in his class.

Teacher Panel

We also make own panel for teachers. Here the teacher can see all his students’ corners and he/she can also message them personally. Apart from this, the notes of the topic made in the teachers class can also be uploaded and made available to the students.

Parent / Student Panel

Students or parents can login on this panel. They can find the result of the given exam after logging in. Apart from this, online fees can also be paid. If parent is logging in, he can also find out the attendance of his children. If the teacher sends a message to the students, then the student can also read the message on this same panel.

Fee panel

In which web application, You can also give an option to the student to pay the fee online. When the student logs in on his panel, he has an option to pay the fees in front of him, as well as the amount of fees paid by the student will also be shown here. When the teacher logs in, he can find out who has paid his/her fees and who hasn’t. If administrator logs in, then he gets information about the fees of every child of the entire school on the panel.

Courses panel

In the courses panel, we can fill the details of the courses that take place in our organization. Based on this detail, we can show details related to courses to students and other people who are visiting our website. When student take admission in our organization, he/she has to select his/her course among these courses.

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